Maitland & Associates Inc

At Maitland & Associates Inc we are passionate about supporting accounting professionals, and aim at helping them cope with the ever changing landscape that is the accounting environment. We see ourselves as a roving technical department for the accounting fraternity and refer to ourselves as a technical back office for practioners. As of May 2016 we are acknowledged on the SAICA NSMP Technical expert list in our relevant fields.

We offer the following services:

  • Public workshops and training sessions (contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list)
  • In house training (tailored to each client’s specific requirements)
  • Quality assurance (with respect to file reviews)
  • IFRS and IFRS for SME technical opinions and quality review of financial statements
  • Compilation of IFRS (and IFRS for SME) compliant financial statements.
  • Clerk support (study skills, exam technique and IFRS content support)
  • Tax opinions and consulting on a variety of taxes, up to and including Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, Estate Duty and Securities Transfer Tax
  • Consultation on Memorandum of Incorporations (MOI)
  • Consultations on the administration of Deceased Estates
  • Consultations on the Taxation Administration Act
  • Advice on the drafting of objection and appeal letters
  • A retainer service is available on request

Caryn is happy to prepare any topic in Legislation Governance, Assurance, Financial Management, Financial Accounting in General and to support the trainees. Carmen is happy to prepare any topic in Income Tax, Tax Administration, VAT, PAYE, Estate Duty and Securities Transfer Tax.

We have presented the following Seminars publicly and as in house training over the last few years:

Caryn Maitland’s Topics


  • Attorney Trust Engagements
  • Independent Review (full day and half day)
  • Compilation Engagements (3 hours)
  • Basic Auditing (4 hours)
  • Effective planning of an audit (2 hours)
  • How to review an audit file (3 x 2 hour sessions)
  • Computer Auditing: CAATS and the Electronic media (3.5 hours)

Probe Courses

  • Planning Finalization
  • Methodology
  • Attorney Trust
  • Independent Review

Companies Act

  • Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 (full day, half day, 4 x 2.5 hours)
  • Shareholders and Directors: What they need to know about the New Co. Act (2.5 hours)
  • Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI) Writing workshop (3.5 hours)

Financial Accounting

  • IFRS for SME's (full day and half day)
  • Biological Assets (3 hours)
  • Financial Instruments (4 hours)
  • Deferred Taxation (3 hours)
  • Leases (3 hours)
  • Property, plant and equipment vs Investment Properties (3 hours)
  • Any other IFRS topic (3 hours)

Financial Management

  • Capital Budgeting (3 hours)
  • Valuations (3 hours)
  • Working Capital Management (3 hours)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (3 hours)
  • Accounting for Assets (3 Hours)


  • Ethics and the Code of Conduct (3.5 hours)
  • Clerk Support - Study skills, exam technique and motivation (3 hours)
  • Money laundering - being aware (2 hours)

Legislation Companies Act

  • Customer Protection Act
  • National Credit Act
  • Protection of Personal Information Act
  • Close Corporate Act
  • Tax Admin Act
  • Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Act

Carmen Westermeyer’s Topics


  • Calculating PAYE - Amendments and challenges to Individuals Tax (3 hours)
  • Dividends Tax - Theory and Practical Implications
  • TAA
  • Administration of Deceased Estates
  • Wills and Intestate Succession
  • Exchange Control
  • Loans and their consequences
  • Back to Basics – Income Tax
  • VAT refreshers
  • VAT for farmers
  • Budget and Tax Updates
  • Employees Tax
  • Dispute Resolution and the TAA
  • Trusts – past, present and future